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Rubik’s Architects is a metaverse focused spinout of an international-award winning architecture and industrial design studio. In the real-world, we’ve worked with many of the largest global brands and developers on projects worth over $100 billion.  We’ve led the design of bridges, skyscrapers, convention centers, casinos, and even entire cities.  Product’s we’ve designed have won prestigious design awards and been featured by Apple in their stores.

Our first project in the Metaverse won a Sandbox Game Jam award. We’ve got a lot more coming.

Rubik’s Architects 16sandbox全球35家认证的建筑商

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Meet The Team

DiDi Zhao – Founder/Design Lead

A multi-talented designer, Zhao Zhao was called one of the “Top Chinese Female Architects” by Thames and Hudson for her architecture work; won the United State’s top design prize - a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award - for her industrial design work and has lead the design of iconic buildings throughout Asia. Her clients include many of the world’s largest developers and brands such as the Venetian Casino, Universal Studios and the city of Beijing.

Jonathan Palley – Partner/Operations & Strategy

An entrepreneur, theater producer and engineer Jonathan has started two successful venture capital funded technology companies, produced 100+ theater productions and holds multiple US and international patents. He’s invented and commercialized hardware and software products that have been sold in Apple Stores globally, used by doctors throughout the U.S. and garnered millions of users.

Hattie Yu – Partner/Business Development

Hattie has led numerous international deals; managed award winning film projects, talent appearances, and social events across the globe; and negotiated finance and distribution deals. She served as strategic advisor to international companies by helping them navigate emerging media and e-commerce opportunities. At Rubik’s Architects, she draws on her business development experience and her passion for emerging technologies to help innovative brands  facilitate immersive consumer experiences in the metaverse.

Tan Qi – Partner/Design Innovation

Tan Qi is a Professor and Head of the new media department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China’s premier art university.

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